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No flashy website, just the information you need to contact us for your next tree job.  Timber Wolf Tree Service is owned and operated by Leif Horton in Alpharetta, GA.  We are fully insured and have been working in the Atlanta area for over 8 years.  We specialize in storm related damage as well as normal tree trimming.


Our Services include:


Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning,.and ask us for anything else tree related.  During storms we travel to locations and help communities.  


Call for an estimate:  404-484-2566 or send an EMAIL HERE

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Quote from a blog the day after the tornado of 2008:

"At one point, while we were somewhat stuck for a plan of attack on the biggest part of the trees, a truck that said “Timberwolf Tree Service” rolled in. A dude with a much bigger chainsaw than ours got out along with his assistant, didn’t say much, and just started cutting.


He cut down the thickest part of the trees for us, and then said something like “you should be good from here”, and got back in his truck and left. With all of the stories going around about price-gouging among tree services, we were extremely thankful that this guy did such a good deed for us. If ever you need tree work done in Atlanta, I’d give him a call."


Another happy Customer - October 2012

Timber Wolf did an impeccable job as usual! That tree was a monster! As always, a quick response, more than fairly priced, never any surrounding damage, and the clean up amazing.  

Frank and Sharon Smith of Alpharetta


Great Tree Work - I was going to cut my trees down but Leif showed up and said that he could shape them up and make them look really good.  I let him go to work and WOW I am so happy that he talked me into just trimming.  He will give you a fair and honest deal which is something that is lacking in the tree business these days !   Alpharetta GA


Leif Horton - Owner Operator Timberwolf Tree Service

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