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May 2016    I asked Leif to come and give me an estimate on cutting a few trees down.  He showed up and looked at them and said he could trim and shape them up, that they were really nice trees.  I let him do that and am so happy I did not cut the trees down.  He is an honest hard working person and in this day and time everyone is all about the money.  Thank you Leif

Alpharetta, GA






Thank you again for the wonderful job you did on our tree yesterday.  I just posted the following recommendation on one of our neighborhood websites.  Feel free to post on your website as well.


I wanted to recommend Timber Wolf Tree Service for anyone needing tree removal type work performed for their property. I am extremely happy with the work they did taking down a very large, old, and nearly dead oak tree from our backyard. They were by far the most reasonable estimate and were the only company to not say, "not sure if we can get our equipment back here, we're going to have to take down one of your pergola's, etc." Other companies were very quick to tell me how difficult our situation was and then follow that up with a pricey estimate.


And while the scenario was definitely complex (large oak was literally sandwiched between two pergolas with a Japanese maple right in front, a water fixture to one side, and our neighbors carport immediately behind), Timber Wolf did not need any special equipment, did not need to take down one of our pergolas, and managed to keep our Japanese maple, water fixture, and stone work all completely in tact. Their website is: http://timberwolf-tree.com/



Leslie Finley

Virginia Highlands / Atlanta